Level Up IV | Business Development


Licensing Schematic Outline

Licensing Schematic Outline

Startup Measures

Initial Licensor Input

  • Training
    • How to design, refine, and train high-functioning management systems.
    • How to create a quality hiring system to identify ideal candidates for employment.
    • How to manage inventory for efficient product preparation and minimal amount of waste.
    • How to implement and operate our point-of-sale system and payment gateways.
    • How to navigate back end systems such as accounting, taxes, insurances, worker’s compensation, supply line issues, and much more.
  • Contracts
    • Work Agreement contracts.
    • Operating Agreement Contracts
    • 1099 employment agreements.
    • Noncompete and nondisclosure contracts
    • Large-group, and corporate benefit package contracts.
    • All standard medical agreements to stay HIPPA compliant.
  • Initial Market Impact Analysis
    • Joint market research to identify all untapped opportunities (potential market reach) as well as localized threats to the business (competitors, legal restrictions, etc.).
  • Direct Support from Corporate
    • We exist to support, strengthen, educate, and advance the business as a whole.

Initial Licensee Input

  • $25,000 Franchise Buy-in
    • $12,500 initial franchising payment to begin the process.
    • $12,500 final franchising payment due after 30 days of the initial buy-in (at finalization of onboarding).
  • Monthly Licensing Fee
    • A minimum of $1000, or 7% of gross revenue, whichever is higher.
  • Business Startup Registrations
    • City/State Business Licenses
    • Bank Account specifically for the business.
    • Auto Insurance
    • Malpractice Insurance
    • Social Media Accounts (corporate will help with this)