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Our aim is to curate a strong, dynamic, visually stimulating brand presence

Branding Identity Guidelines

Logo Specifics

Branding | Logo Specifics


This is our logo brandmark. An upward-facing arrow inside a perfect circle, with the same line-thickness for each. The brandmark can be displayed with the circle in the signature red, or as a solid two-tone.

Primary Logo

This is our primary logo, with the custom letterforms, signature circle in red surrounding the upturned black arrow. The logo can be diplayed in full color, or as a solid against appropriate backdrops.

Background Values

Branding | Background Values

White Background

Against white backgrounds,
the main logo should always
be used when possible. Only in rare situations is the solid-color version of the logo to be used.

Bright Background

When working with vibrant, bright, vidid backgrounds the colored version of the logo may get lost in the visual display. In such cases the two-tone version of the logo is to be used for maximum visibility.

Black Background

Against a black, or very dark, background the goal is always to use the full-color version of the logo when possible. Only in rare exceptions is the white two-tone logo to be used.

Brand Colors

Branding | Brand Colors

Level Up Red









Red and black are the primary colors for Level Up IV. Most, if not all, design work should incorporate a balanced usage of these colors against neutral backdrops. Only in rare instances will a different color be used.