Level Up Website FAQs

1. What is IV Therapy?
Intra- in intravenous comes from the Latin preposition that means “within or inside” while -venous is a Latin suffix that refers to “a blood vessel or a vein.” Therefore, intravenous or IV therapy is intended to be administered within a vein to relieve symptoms, boost health and wellness, and cure an ailment.

2. How does your IV Therapy work?
IV therapy is safe and quick to deliver fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. As it goes into the bloodstream, it no longer needs to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, making the absorption more effective and efficient.

After consenting to the treatment and providing our team with your brief medical history and medications, you may now choose the vitamin infusion of your choice from our array of drips. While you are filling out the necessary documents, we do the preparations for your therapy in a sterile manner. Most of the time, the injection site is on the arm, which will be cleaned and swabbed with a small cotton ball of antiseptic. The IV will be set and secured in place. Once the treatment is complete, our registered nurses will carefully remove the catheter tube from the site, cover it, and hand you over the final documents to fill out.

3. How is IV therapy any better than ingesting vitamins?
Since the fluids, medications, and nutrients in the IV bag go right into your bloodstream, there is a 100% rate of these solutions. Orally consuming pills and supplements provide only a fraction of these essential solutions due to various factors. These factors include chronic disorders, gastrointestinal complications, inadequate nutrients, and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, to name a few. Therefore, the absorption rate of orally ingesting is at about 50% to 60%. Although IV therapy provides you a direct route to your bloodstream and cells, remember that it supplements your health and wellness routine. Daily vitamin intake is still necessary to ensure optimal benefits.

4. Can anyone undergo IV therapy?
Nearly anyone can receive IV therapy. As long as you give your consent, our team will review your medical history and medications. However, we have patients with the following conditions who cannot receive IV therapy.

  • Patients who are diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), kidney failure, renal failure, and those patients undergoing dialysis
  • Patients who have abnormal vital symptoms or suffering from a medical emergency

5. What are the benefits of IV therapy?
When it comes to the benefits, going through IV therapy can help you, especially if you are facing troubles with swallowing pills and supplements orally or cannot absorb them naturally. These benefits are not limited to the following listed.

  • It enhances immunity against external invaders.
  • It makes nutrients readily available for cellular usage.
  • It safely transports a higher dosage of vitamins without worrying if the body can tolerate it.
  • It slows the emergence of symptoms of aging and improves longevity.
  • It raises energy levels.
  • It boosts athletic performance.
  • It remedies brain fog, fatigue, hangover, headache, jetlag, and migraine.
  • It eases nausea and vomiting.
  • It detoxifies the body.
  • It restores the body from allergies, asthma, flu, and other viral illness symptoms.

6. How long does IV therapy take to see the effects?
Complete absorption of the fluids, medication, and nutrients from an IV bag typically takes about 30-60 minutes. When the contents of the IV bag go into the bloodstream, 100% goes into it and will no longer go through the GI tract. However, the duration of absorption still varies depending on the total infusion amount and the thickness of the infusion mix.

As the treatment requires this amount of time, all you can do is sit tight and spend your time listening to music, reading books, relaxing on a couch, reclining on a chair, crocheting, sewing, and watching movies. Otherwise, it may be doing that paperwork you keep postponing. You may do a form of entertainment you enjoy while having your drip as long as it does not disturb your treatment process.

7. Is IV therapy a safe treatment?
IV therapy is a generally effective, safe, and hardly invasive method with low risks of adverse side effects. When it comes to Level Up’s treatment, all our registered nurses have proficiency in administering shots to a client. The nutrients we use in our infusions underwent high testing, review, and approval levels. All you have to do is have our licensed nurses evaluate your medical history before your appointment.

9. Do IV therapy produce any adverse side effects?
Cases of severe adverse side effects of people who went through IV therapy are either non-existent or rare. During the IV infusion, you might feel a cooling or warming sensation in your abdomen, arm, or chest. You might also taste the minerals and vitamins in your mouth or smell them from your urine.

If a side effect appears after the treatment, it is mostly mild, minor, and momentary. Patients might notice bruising, inflammation, and redness at or around the injection site. They might also feel bruising, discomfort, or itching on the same spot. Yet, these symptoms can go on for a few minutes or a few days.

10. How often does one undergo IV therapy?
Undergoing IV therapy differs on each patient’s needs and preferences. Some patients need a quick fix for athletic recovery, dehydration, fatigue, hangover, headache, jet lag, or migraine. Likewise, some patients require a weekly or bi-monthly infusion for detoxification. Some patients take a few sessions over a couple of days to tackle cold and flu. Some patients receive regular and safe long-term and overall health and wellness treatments.

Our team will discuss this matter with you. Level Up also provide Membership Bundle Options, so you can get your infusion choice at a discounted rate, a slash-off from our products, and of course, a VIP treatment that awaits you.

11. Does IV therapy hurt?
One of the things you can expect that can hurt in an IV therapy is the needle’s prick. The pain tolerance of each individual is different from another. Hence, it is basically up to your pain tolerance once the puncture commences. However, our team consists of experienced licensed nurses who can ensure the least amount of discomfort or pain during the IV placement. Remember that the benefits you receive far compensate for the pain you might feel.

12. Is there a discount?
Yes! Our Membership Bundle Options provide discounts on our product array, selection of vitamin infusions, infusion sessions, priority booking, and many more.

13. What are Level Up’s hours?
Whatever you may need help with, consider seeking treatment through Level Up. Our hours are from 11 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 6 pm every Saturday. If you seek treatment, schedule an appointment with us online or chat with one of our nurses. Feel free to create an account on our website to join our satisfied clients.

14. Where is Level Up servicing?
We are based in St. George, Utah, serving Southern Utah areas.

15. Is Level Up mobile?
Definitely yes! Our mobile team will bring IV therapy or COVID-19 treatment and testing to your doorstep. Our nurses will travel to the location of your choice, whether it is your home, office, or hotel room. We make the infusion experience as comfortable, convenient, and relaxing as possible.

16. What is Level Up’s contact information?
Feel free to contact us and give a call at (435) 862-1764 during our designated hours, or mail us at levelupivutah@gmail.com for your inquiries.

17. Does Level Up IV offer other products and treatments besides drips?
Absolutely! Our Level Up supplements are chock-full of nutritious ingredients. These supplements feature improved sleep, boosted energy, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, enhanced overall health and wellness, and reduced cellulite appearance.

Our team is also equipped with the essential knowledge, skill, and equipment to support early COVID-19 treatment. Our package includes an option for telemedicine, in which you can communicate and coordinate with a practicing provider to meet your needs, especially in this situation.

We also offer at-home COVID-19 testing. We will bring the testing process to your doorstep as you can take our testing anywhere. Not only that, get your results quickly and efficiently without needing to head to a lab.

18. How does Level Up conduct COVID-19 testing?
You can take our COVID-19 testing as easy in five steps.

Step 1: Book an appointment online, or you can give us a call or send us an email.
Step 2: Confirm with our nurse your appointment.
Step 3: Welcome our assigned nurses as they arrive at your designated spot for testing.
Step 4: Relax as our nurse conducts the test.
Step 5: Get your results instantly, and no lab is required.

19. What vitamin infusions do Level Up offer?
Here are the vitamin infusions that you can choose from our list.

  • “The OG” Classic Myers supplies an essential mix of nutrients to make up for your deficiencies. It has B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, magnesium, vitamin B12, and calcium gluconate to support cellular actions, boost overall health and well-being, and provide splendid healing.
  • “The After-Party” gives you an instant fix after a late-night hangover, remedies nausea, vomiting, and headache, and gives you vital vitamins and nutrients to get back on your feet. It contains magnesium, vitamin B12, B-Complex vitamins, famotidine, ketorolac, and Zofran.
  • “The Covid Defeater” is a supportive infusion for early COVID-19 treatment to get extra support in fighting off the virus. This infusion contains B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, magnesium, vitamin B12, zinc, and vitamin D3.
  • “The Migraine Eliminator” definitely gets rid of that intense pain in the head. With the help of magnesium, vitamin B12, ketorolac, Reglan, and Benadryl, you can get a restful sleep with no headache.
  • “The Belly Bug” offers you a way to solve and relieve upset digestive system symptoms. It has a Level Up mineral blend, vitamin B12, B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, and Zofran.
  • “The Energizer” perks you up with increased energy levels, so you no longer feel exhausted or down to the bone. The energy increase is thanks to vitamin B12, B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, and tri amino contained in this infusion.
  • “The Summer Quencher” satiates you and your cells thirst after a long day in the sun. Say goodbye to dehydration with the help of a Level Up mineral blend, vitamin B12, and B-Complex vitamins.
  • “The Skinny” is an excellent addition to your health and fitness, especially if you have hit a respite in your routine. Aside from vitamin B12, it provides L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Glutathione.
  • “The Glow” revitalizes the hair, skin, and nails as it contains vitamin B12, B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, magnesium, biotin, and Glutathione.
  • “The Aunt Flow” PMS Remedy is a perfect cure and relief for that time of the month again. Magnesium chloride, selected B-Complex vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12, and Toradol are helpful components.
  • “The Super Immunity” boosts the immune system so that it can defend and protect the body from illnesses of all sorts. It contains ascorbic acid, B-Complex vitamins, zinc, and vitamin B12.
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