What You Should Know About IV Therapy In Utah

IV therapy or “intravenous therapy” is not your one-time trend or fad. It has been a part of history since its concept and attempt started in the late middle ages. It became lost until the 1600s when the first successful IV transfusion using blood transpired. Until now, IV therapy has served as a preventive and therapeutic medical technique in hospitals, IV bars, medical spas, urgent care centers, and even at the comforts of home.

What Is An IV Therapy?

From the name itself, “intra-” in intravenous means inside or within, while “venous” refers to “the veins.” Simply put, it means “inside the vein.” Therefore, intravenous therapy is a medical technique that gives hydration, medication, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip or injection into the veins.

It is the fastest way to deliver these essentials directly into the organs throughout the body. Unlike the conventional oral medication intake, it does not pass the digestive system anymore. That is why the body absorbs the essentials through IV therapy at a rate of 90 to 100%. On the contrary, oral intake has about a 20 to 50% absorption rate.

IV therapy has various uses. It includes medication and treatment, hydration, nutrition, sports, jetlag, hangover treatment, etc. Hospitals use IV drips for patients who require rehydration, nutrients, and medications.

IV therapy helps address stress, nausea, hangovers, jetlags, flu, colds, and other relevant symptoms. Moreover, it gives the body the boost it needs at a cellular level.

How Does It Work?

In the administration of the IV drip, healthcare professionals, such as an IV therapist or nurse, handle the entire therapy process. It is vital to have a qualified medical professional conduct the therapy as there might be potential risks if they are not. Furthermore, these professionals will ensure a safe and healthy infusion for the client.

Before the therapy, the provider evaluates the client’s medical history. The quantity and rate of the fluid to be administered will rely on the client’s age, medical condition, and weight. If necessary, potential clients should consult with their doctor before the therapy for any medical condition to avoid the risk of adverse effects or complications.

The steps to the treatment are as follows:

  1. The nurses lay out the procedures with the client, which is pretty straightforward. All the client needs to do is find a comfortable and relaxing seat during the therapy.
  2. The nurses disinfect the skin of the injection site, which is possible elsewhere. In most cases, the site is the arm.
  3. They place the needle right in the vein. The client may feel a slight pain from the puncture.
  4. Once the nurses access the vein, they remove it, and the catheter remains, which is a small, thin plastic tube, over the vein on the arm.
  5. The nurses check the pump and the fluid for the proper, correct rate of administration and absorption in the treatment process.

As a reminder to the client, be sure to stay still and relaxed for the duration of the therapy. In doing so, it does not disrupt or displace the catheter. Besides, the client can watch movies, browse on the phone, or read a book, while the treatment takes place.

What Are Its Benefits? Who Benefits From Its Administration?

Aside from its long-standing history, IV therapy is entirely safe and common. This treatment supplements the body with the necessary solutions: saline, vitamins, minerals, medicines, hydration, dextrose, and antibiotics. These intravenous solutions in IV therapy offer many benefits to its clients.

  • It improves sleep.
  • It balances blood sugar.
  • It reduces signs of aging.
  • It is convenient, easy, and fast.
  • It promotes energy, health, and wellness.
  • It replaces lost electrolytes and hydration.
  • It eases episodes of headache or migraine.
  • It boosts mental concentration and focuses.
  • It enhances mood, calmness, and relaxation.
  • It cures and improves jetlags and hangovers.
  • It restores the optimal level of body nutrients.
  • It strengthens and provides support for a healthy immune system.
  • It promotes fertility and improves hormonal imbalance.
  • It encourages and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • It increases recovery from performance athletic and training.

The clients who can also enjoy its benefits include those who are:

  • ill
  • recovering from sickness
  • with weak immune systems
  • senior citizens
  • sports athletes
  • fitness enthusiasts
  • with jetlag and hangover
  • with persistent severe migraines and headaches
  • with dry skin, hair, or nails concerns
  • with low energy levels or chronic exhaustion

How Can Level Up Help You Enjoy IV Treatment Benefits?

We provide memberships and treatment options that will fine-tune you to the best at your optimal state with Level Up. Our team of professional nurses is qualified to conduct a 100% safe infusion and absorption of the nutrients, fluids, and electrolytes so that you can live life to its fullest.

Contact us today for any queries about IV therapy in Utah or help with choosing the right option for your lifestyle.

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